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Community H.E.A.R.T. (Health Education And Reconstruction Training), a UK based Registered Charity, was set up when Nelson Mandela was elected President of free South Africa to overcome apartheid’s awful legacy.

Together with our partners in South Africa we give priority to health, education and reconstruction training projects based on the principle of self-help. We try not to run projects but give support to local initiatives, small and large.

People all over the world can now play a role in South Africa and the Southern African Region by helping people to gain the skills they need to rebuild their countries.

Founding director and President, Denis Goldberg says: “When we teach a person how to fish, his family will eat. The need is to teach communities to fish so they may eat for generations to come.”

“Please give all the material and financial support you can.”

About our founder Denis Goldberg

Life Sentence

In Nelson Mandela’s book, A Long Walk to Freedom, he quotes Denis Goldberg in the Rivonia Courtroom shouting, “Life, Life to live!” when Justice de Wet sentenced him and his comrades to life imprisonment for treason.

Denis Goldberg gave most of his life for South Africa. But that wasn’t enough. He still has a struggle to fight, for his cause was more than the end of apartheid in South Africa. It was and still is a struggle against injustice and a burning desire to help people in need. Despite having spent 22 years in prison Denis Goldberg still believes life is wonderful and he’s trying to ensure it is wonderful for South Africa’s many underprivileged.

Community H.E.A.R.T.

The man with a heart big enough to save the world has launched a charity in the UK aptly called Community H.E.A.R.T. (Health Education And Reconstruction Training) for Southern Africa. In this he has had the support of British people who have long supported the goal of a new South Africa. (The above from the SA Times, London, May 10, 1995.)


Denis Goldberg was born in Cape Town in 1933. He grew up there and studied there getting a degree in Civil Engineering. He became conscious of the injustice of apartheid when he was very young. In the nineteen-fifties he became active in the ANC-led Congress Alliance of South Africans of all races opposed to apartheid. He was detained in 1960 and spent four months in prison without trial.