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House of Hope

Denis Goldberg, our founding director and President, has set up the Denis Goldberg Foundation to leave a legacy to the people of South Africa. As one of those who fought against apartheid, he also wishes to leave a legacy which will continue his work after he is gone.

In Denis’s own words “my hope is that this will be the capstone of my life: the creation of an arts and cultural centre in Hout Bay, Cape Town where I live. We have to bring together people of all walks of life to develop their skills and celebrate our shared humanity if we are to develop their skills and to really overcome the divisive and painful legacy of apartheid”.

The arts and cultural centre, which the foundation is raising funds to build, will be a community space which can be used by all 70 of the community organisations and groups in Hout Bay that desperately need a space to develop their potential. The groups are engaging people, especially young people, in the areas of dance, music, speech and drama and to add to this the foundation hopes that the other artistic areas of sculpture, painting, photography and film will be included in the future.

The centre will also host an extensive collection of sculptures, paintings, carvings and ceramics donated by Denis, a performance auditorium which will seat 200 to 250 people, study rooms, a library of books on art as well as CDs and DVDs and will be home to the Kronendal Music Academy and other organisations promoting dance and other performing and artistic arts.

Denis’s personal appeal can be found on YouTube.