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Children’s art

“Art and cultural resources must be accessible to everyone”

That is the policy of the South African Government. This is something new and special because in the past most of the people were excluded on the grounds of skin colour.

There are many artistic projects that need your financial support.

School Cluster Project, Tladi, Soweto

Community H.E.A.R.T. is deeply involved in a school cluster project in the Soweto suburb of Tladi. Eleven secondary schools and six primary schools are involved. They share resources. We are encouraging them to develop art classes that are in fact required by the National Education Curriculum. But in art education as elsewhere, teachers were not trained to develop the artistic self-expression and talents of themselves or their pupils. The project needs your help to obtain materials and training.

The Bethesda Foundation

The Bethesda Foundation in the well-known art village of Nieuw Bethesda in the Eastern Cape Province helps adults and others to discover themselves. They are producing wonderful work. Please see the Bethesda website which shows their work and offers the works for sale by mail order. There are famous artists such as Cecil Skotnes and the dramatist Athol Fugard who are helping this project.