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Book & ten pence appeal

School library in Gauteng Province set up with books from Community H.E.A.R.T.

The shortage of books is one of the main problems facing teachers, parents and teachers in South Africa, particularly in the townships and rural areas.

One of Community HEART’s first campaigns was an attempt to address this problem by creating school libraries through the ‘Book and Ten Pence’ campaign. Over the years, more than three million books have been sent to South Africa.

Their collection has involved numerous schools, libraries, community groups and individuals throughout the country. The books were carefully evaluated, graded and sorted into age groups, and shipped to South Africa. Those not suitable were recycled.

Visitors to schools in the country are impressed by the care taken of these precious tools of learning.

Increasing logistical difficulties in Britain and changing needs in South Africa led to this campaign being brought to an end and the last container of books arrived in Gauteng Province in October 2019.

Community HEART has now begun a new campaign in response to requests from South African educationalists. We are raising funds for the purchase of quality beginner books in the eleven official languages. Studies have shown that this is the optimal approach to early learning, although English will remain the lingua franca of the country.