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Co-operative Schools support the campaign

One of the KwaZulu Natal schools.

Learn More Here Three co-operative schools in the UK are teaming up to collect books to send to schools in disadvantaged communities in South Africa via Community H.E.A.R.T. The books will stock the libraries of three schools in the KwaZulu Natal region, a poor area with high unemployment and HIV/AIDs infection rates. Aire Valley School near Bradford, Campsmount Technology College near Doncaster and South Axholme School in Epworth are aiming to encourage the public to donate a total of 50,000 books which are suitable for young people aged 11-18. The books will be sent to three schools near Hluhluwe in Kwazulu-Natal which form one end of a linking project established to strengthen global education both at home and in South Africa. The project is supported by the Co-operative College and the Co-operative Group, which will assist with collection and storage.

About the schools

Students shelter from the sun under a tree.

from this source Makhasa High School at Mduku is a modern school in a former Bantustan area where many people are unemployed and live only on government grants. There is a very high teenage pregnancy rate and there are very high rates of HIV and AIDS infection. The school has 478 learners in grades 8-12 (aged 12-18, although there are other students in the school aged between 18 and 27). There are typically 50-60 students per classroom. Kwa Giba High School is in an area of subsistence farming. There are 1,192 students from grade 8-12 spread across 18 classrooms. All classes are overcrowded as the school has only 33 staff. Malabela High School is a senior secondary school with 480 learners, of which eighty have lost both parents. There are twenty teaching staff and three non-teaching staff.

Students enjoy the school interval. For more information please email