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Ikamva Labantu (the Future of our Nation)

Seniors settle down to a nutritious meal sharing stories and discussing community issues at the Monwabisi Centre in Nyanga

The organisation is a not-for-profit organisation working with the disadvantaged communities in the townships surrounding Cape Town. From modest beginnings back in the 1970’s, during the apartheid era, it has blossomed into a movement of social development supporting over 1,000 locally led projects in the townships.

The organisation works in various sectors of the community including children, youth, families, seniors and those physically challenged. These projects improve the lives of many in the disadvantaged communities in the townships around Cape Town.

Community H.E.A.R.T. has been help fund the Seniors sector for many  years through a group of our donors who donate specifically to this project.

The Seniors Programme run community centres that provide meals, exercise, craft making, vegetable growing, practical advice on benefits etc, health initiatives and special events. The programme ensures that the seniors in the communities are able to meet their daily challenges. More recently the needs of the seniors has increased with many of them now the sole adult raising grandchildren due to their own children becoming ill or dying due to HIV/AIDS related illnesses.

Developing a New Approach

Ikamva Labantu are developing a new approach to take account of the changing needs of the seniors. The Senior Centres are being transformed into one-stop integrated activity centres which provide child care facilities and after school programmes providing life skills, guidance and sports for youth.