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How can you help

Please sponsor a box of books

Children enjoy the books in the new library.

Stocks and shares trading game for beginners We need to raise funds to help get the books to South Africa. We do not get 10p for every book we send so sponsoring a box of books could make a big difference. A £5.00 donation will fund a small box (about 50 books), a £10.00 donation will fund a large box (about 100 books). So even if you do not have any children’s books you can still help.

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A standing order will help even more. If you donate £5.00 a month to the campaign you will funding 600 books that year and if you gift aid it we will get an extra £16.92, allowing us to send 769 books. Just think in 2 years you will have helped set up a complete school library!

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Donate children’s books

cheap Viagra in Yonkers New York We need children’s books. There are many books in homes across the UK that children no longer read. These books will be given a good home in South African schools where they will be loved and read again.  The books need to be in good condition. You can send the books or if you have a large amount please phone or email us so we can try and arrange a pick up.

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binaire opties wiki You could also ask your children’s school to get involved in the campaign. We encourage schools to involve the children to donate the books they no longer read.  Some schools have also donated their library books when they have renewed their stock.  The books must be in good condition.

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order Pregabalin online uk binaire opties iex Please note: we do not take text books so please do not send these as it adds to the cost of the campaign when we need to dispose of them.

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buy Tastyliaonline no prescription There are a number of ways you can volunteer to help with the campaign. We need help to sort and pack books at our Manchester storage site. We also need people to pick up books. We also need people in different areas across the UK who have spare space to store books. When there are enough books we will organise getting them to Manchester. This helps keep the cost of the campaign down and reduces the impact on the environment.